We are glad you have chosen to visit our web site.  Way of Truth and Life Ministries is known as a church for the whole family.  Our purpose is to love God and to love you.  We are committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Join us in prayer, praise, and worship.

This is a dynamic time in the ministry of Way of Truth and Life: Souls are being saved, lives changed, and members added to the body of Christ.  Come!  Participate in our spirit-filled worship services, enjoy anointed singing, and hear the Word of God.
Our arms are stretched wide to embrace you in love as you enter our doors.  We invite you to experience the PRESENCE OF THE LORD with us, the family of Way of Truth and Life Ministries.
Elder Dr. Joseph B. Davis Sr., Pastor and Founder
                   First Lady Evangelist Dr. Debra Ann Davis